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9th Annual Computer Science Programming Contest Results

by Ela Barros

Saturday, Sept 26th was the 9th annual local programming contest. This year 62 students took part in this event and competed from UM, UW and BU, remotely. 

The top four were:

  • Drew Barclay (5th year, Comp Eng, UM) 5 problems solved
  • Patrick Murphy (4th year, CS, UM) 4 problems solved
  • Samuel Massinon (4th year, CS, UM) 4 problems solved
  • Seth Ruf  (4th year, CS, UM) 4 problems solved

Congratulations to them! 

The full standings, problems and more are available on the contest homepage:

The winners of bulbs are:

  • Yellow Bulb (best overall): Drew Barclay
  • Green Bulb (first to solve any problem): Malcolm Mergulhao
  • Red Bulb (first to solve hardest problem): Patrick Murphy
  • White Bulb (best first or second year student): AbdulRasheed Audu

Thank you to the many people who put in a lot of time to help make this contest a success:

  • Chris Henry and John Braico, who helped write and revise the problems and the test data.
  • John Braico, Chris Henry and Franklin Bristow who spent Saturday judging.
  • Teng Han, Patrick Dubois, Amir Hoseeinmemar, Kyle MacKinnon, Ahmed Zunaid and Seth Fiawoo, who helped with supervising the labs on Saturday.
  • All the technical staff who helped with lab setup.
  • Google and UWinnipeg, who sponsored the event.
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