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Congrats to UM Programming Team

by Ela Barros Coop-Students

On Friday, October 16th four of our Computer Science Co-op Students travelled to compete in the 2015 DKC3 contest, held each year since 2000.  The DKC3 contest is by invite only and is held by the Digikey corporation at their headquarters in Thief River Falls, MN. This was the first year UM students were invited to participate in the contest and the team of four, Seth Ruf, Samuel Massinon, Patrick Murphy and Qail Mukhi, did very well.

The contest format differed from what is typically seen, with students working for two short sessions (60 and 90 minutes) on programming questions, and being graded on the number of test cases they got right.  The students still did very well, placing 4th overall and coming dangerously close to a top-three ranking. 

Congratulations to them on a great day!


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