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CUSEC (Canadian Universities Software Engineering Conference) 2017

by John Braico

CUSEC provides an invaluable experience to both undergraduate and graduate students in computer science, software engineering or computer engineering disciplines across the country.  It provides them the opportunity to explore and further their understanding of modern software engineering processes, practices and techniques through interesting lectures, interactive workshops and student lead sessions. The conference, also allows students to connect with professionals from companies like IBM, Trip Advisor, Shopify, GM motors among many others. Students get to connect with other students in similar disciplines from all over the country. This conference offers students opportunities to showcase their own work in our lightning talks or demo camp events, as well as having their resumes reviewed by Human Resource personnel from big name tech companies.
Conference tickets are a flat rate of $60 each and we are staying at Hotel Bonaventure (as thats where the conference is), consequently rooms will be $165.41 for quadruple occupation including tax (3.5% of lodging taxes, 5% of GST and 9.975% of PST for a total of 19%) for 4 nights bringing the total up to approximently $205.41 for each person. Travel is currently the responsibity of each delegate.
If you'd like more information on this year’s conference you can find it at or if you'd like more information on our delegation or testimonialsfrom students who attended in previous years please contact me by email at
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