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The Canada Japan Co-op Program - Round 2 Summer 2017 Job Postings

by Ela Barros

The Canada Japan Program has several round 2 job postings for the Summer 2017 work term.  

1)  4 positions with Advanced Telecommunications Research International in Kyoto for 4-12 months;

2)  2 positions (1 repost and 1 new) with Azbil in Kanagawa for 12 months;

3)  1 position (repost) with Fukui Byora in Fukui for 8-12 months; 

4)  2 positions (repost) with Honda Research Institute in Saitama for 8-12 months;

5)  1 position (repost) with Nagoya University in Aichi for 12 months; and

6)  1 position (repost) with Yumscroll in Osaka for 8-12 months.

You are advised to review the Student Information Guide and if interested complete the online Student Application.  Complete details on the program are available at

Application process for interested students

1)  Complete the CJCP online application form onthe website;

2)  Schedule an application interview with the Canada-Japan Co-op liaison officer at the home institution;

3)  A telephone call/in-person meeting will be scheduled by the program staff to go over the  application and conduct a language assessment upon receipt of the online recommendation from the Liaison Officer and the $130 application fee; and

4)  You will be given access to job postings and  requested to forward your application documents to CJCP via email by the closing date.

If you are interested you must let Lisa know at least a week before the deadline date to start the application process.

NOTE: There are two important dates for new students who wish to apply to Round 2 positions in the program:

1)Application deadline to the program: 4:30pm PST on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

All new students are required to complete the online application form by 4:30pm PST on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 (advised on our website)

The closing date of the postings is 4:30pm (PDT) on Friday, January 20, 2017

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