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CS Co-op Students John Larmie and Gary Tong win Grand Prize at DementiaHack Toronto 2017

by Ela Barros Coop-Home Coop-Employers Coop-Students

Both John Larmie and Gary Tong are currently completing a co-op work term with D2L in Kitchener-Waterloo. In an effort to make the most of the opportunity, they have been actively networking with Waterloo’s extensive tech community. At a tech social they attended, they were made aware of a hackathon called DementiaHack and decided to enter a 5 person team.

Presented by Facebook, championed by the Canadian and UK Governments, and produced by HackerNest, DementiaHack inspires the creation of life-improving hardware and software solutions for those living with dementia.

John, Gary and their team (three students from the University of Waterloo) were announced as the winners of the challenge that they entered, as well as the Grand Prize Winner of the event.

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