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Google November Updates

by Ela Barros Coop-Home Coop-Students

November Announcements

University Graduate Roles: Application closing soon.

Engineering Residency, 2018: 9/1 - TBD

Software Engineer (BS/MS), 2018: 9/1 - TBD

Software Engineer (PhD), 2018: 9/1 - TBD

Information Technology Residency Program, 2018:8/1 - TBD



Engineering Practicum (1st/2nd years): 10/2 - 11/3

Software Engineering Internship (BS/MS): 9/12 - 11/3

Software Engineering Internship (PhD): 9/12 - 2/2

Interested in exploring more roles and opportunities? Check out


Scholarships: Application window opening soon

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Generation Google Scholarship

Google Lime Scholarship

Google SVA Scholarship

Keep an eye on the Google Student Blog for the announcement of Google's scholarship applications this fall!  Check out for the full list of programs and more information.

Google is partnering with Udacity to offer 50,000 scholarships for anyone looking to kick-start their Android or web development careers -- apply here!

IgniteCS: Bring computer science to your community

Gather a group of undergraduate students and apply to be CS volunteers through Google ignite CS! You will have access to lesson plans and a free kit of materials to bring CS to kids in your community. Visit to apply or email for more information.


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