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Pathways to Achievement - Alumni and Student Mixer

by Ela Barros

Celebrate the achievement of our outstanding Alumni and engage in conversation on STEM careers and opportunities.


Careers in Science:

Alumni and Student Mixer

Pathways to Achievement

February 1, 2018 from

3:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Marshall McLuhan Hall, University Centre


2018 Honoured Alumni are:

Michael Landry, [PhD, Physics/00]
Head of the LIGO Gravitational Observatory at Hanford, WA

Roderick Wasylishen [PhD, Chemistry/72]
Lifetime Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of Alberta

Jonathan Meltzer, [PhD, Faculty of Medicine/00]
Senior Vice-President, LabCorp 

David Kuik, [B.Sc. (Honours), Computer Science/94]
CEO and Managing Partner, Norima Consulting

Rick Chartrand, [B.Sc., Mathematics/93]
Co-founder and mathematician, Descartes Labs

Patricia Simner, [PhD, Medical Microbiology/11]
Assistant Professor of Pathology, and Director of the Bacteriology and Parasitology sections of the Medical Microbiology Laboratory, John Hopkins University

Wilf Falk [MS, Statistics/72]
Chief Statistician of Manitoba (retired 2016)

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