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May 28, 2015
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Protegra expands Canadian Payroll & Scheduling Platform
Friday, November 25, 2011 10:46 AM
Protegra is pleased to announce PaySavvy as its newest partner in the Canadian payroll providers market.
PaySavvy uses Protegra's Everest Cloud Payroll and Scheduling, the most advanced payroll system in Canada. Everest uses cloud-based computing to provide "software as a service" payroll technology, delivering anytime, anywhere access to secure, online payroll processing.

Wadood Ibrahim, CEO of Protegra, enthusiastically welcomes PaySavvy as a partner: "PaySavvy is an energetic company, well positioned to serve Canadian businesses. They have a relentless focus on customer service and speed. PaySavvy will help their customers increase their payroll efficiency, while providing a superior user experience."

Protegra's Everest Payroll and Scheduling is a hosted system featuring secure data storage and backup, intuitive screens, instant payroll preview, electronic deposits and remittances, and easily customizable reporting. Everest is fully scalable to meet the needs of small and large businesses. PaySavvy joins IBEX Payroll as users of Everest to serve their customers' payroll needs.

In addition to providing Payroll Software as a Service, Protegra helps private and public sector organizations around the world identify and solve tough business performance challenges. Protegra offers management consulting services focused on operational efficiencies. Protegra's custom software development and evolution helps organizations gain and maintain a competitive advantage. For more information, visit www.protegra.com or contact Protegra by email at info@protegra.com or call 204.956.2727.

PaySavvy is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C., offering flexible web-based payroll and employee scheduling services featuring simple pricing, attentive support, and efficient, easy-to-use software. For more information, visit www.paysavvy.com. For your payroll needs in Canada, contact  PaySavvy at contact@paysavvy.com or 604.945.6363.
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