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Undergraduate Co-op Program Overview
The Program
The Process
Coursework Master's Co-op Program Overview
The Program
The Process
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The Program

The Coursework Master's Co-op Program was approved by Senate in 2011. The first placement was made in the summer (May to August) of 2012.

Please note that the Co-op option is not available in the Thesis M.Sc. Program.

The Coursework M.Sc. degree requires a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work, 18 credit hours of which must be at the-7000 level (the remaining 6 credit hours may be at either the 7000-level or the 4000-level). There must be at least 6 credit hours at the 7000-level in each of the major areas (Fundamentals, Foundations, or Applications).

Students in the Co-op option cover all the requirements of the coursework M.Sc., and also complete at least two, and as many as three, four-month work terms in appropriate Master level placements. The work terms may be done consecutively with the same employer if desired. Eight or twelve month placements will be considered.