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Undergraduate Co-op Program Overview
The Program
The Process
Coursework Master's Co-op Program Overview
The Program
The Process
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The Process
During each Fall Term the Co-op Office will accept applications for the Coursework M.Sc. Co-op Program from students.

In January the Graduate Associate Head and the Co-op Office will select students enrolled in the Coursework M.Sc. Degree Program for entry into the Co-op option. The Co-op Office will accept proposals from employers who have appropriate positions (either four, eight, or twelve months) for the Coursework M.Sc. Co-op students on an on-going basis as we may have students available to begin positions in January, May, and September of each year. 

All proposals will be assessed by the Graduate Associate Head and the Co-op Office to ensure they will provide value in terms of experience in Computer Science at the Master's level.

Proposals deemed appropriate will be made available to the selected students and those interested in the positions will prepare application packages. All applications will be forwarded to employers via the Co-op Office by a deadline date pre-determined by the employer.
A Continuous Placement Model will be used for the Coursework M.Sc. Co-op Program (first-come, first-served).
Interviews may be conducted on campus or at the employer site however, student course and exam schedules must be taken into account.
Once offers have been extended and accepted, employers will provide students with written offers of employment.

There may be situations in which Job Descriptions received for the Undergraduate Co-op Program are deemed appropriate for students at the Master's level. When a position such as this is identified, the employer will be contacted by the Co-op Office to determine if students at the Master's level are welcome to apply. If that is the case, the Master's level student(s) will apply in the same manner as the Undergraduate students and be ranked along with those students.

For Students: