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Undergraduate Co-op Program Overview
The Program
The Process
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The Program
The Process
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The Process

In each of our three terms, there are two groups of students involved in the program; one group is participating in a work term while the other is on campus for an academic term. During each term, preparations are being made for the upcoming work term as follows:

Month One:

  • Industry is contacted to inform them of Co-op opportunities.

Month Two:

  • Students engage in preparatory work for the upcoming work term.
  • Available Co-op positions are posted and students either submit applications directly to Co-op Office or, for some of the large out-of-town employers, via an on-line job application program. Each application that is submitted through the Co-of Office will consist of a cover letter, resume, student history, and reference page.

Month Three:

  • Applications for posted positions are forwarded to the employers who in turn notify the Co-op Office regarding the students that they would like to interview.
  • Interviews are conducted on campus and rankings from both employers and students are submitted to the Co-op Office for the matching process.
  • Once matches have been made, employers provide students with written offers of employment.

Because of time constraints, interviews and offers for out-of-town positions must be completed prior to the end of month two.