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Coursework Master's Co-op Admission Application

Coursework Master's Co-op Program

The Coursework Master's Co-op Program was approved by Senate in 2011. The first placement was made for the Summer 2012 term. 

Whenever possible, Coursework M.Sc. students should  submit a Coursework Master's Co-op Admission Application during their first academic term.

Only after the first academic term in the Coursework M.Sc. Program has been completed, and only after the student has successfully completed all CANTEST language requirements (if the latter are necessary based on the student's original admission to the Coursework M.Sc. Program) will the application be assessed by the Co-op Office. 

Acceptance into the Co-op Program will be determined by the department's Co-op Office and the Graduate Associate Head and Co-op Director. Students' prior academic background, grades received in their first term at the University of Manitoba, and suitability to potential work placements based on an interview with one or more of the above Department members will all be taken into consideration. Entry to this option is competitive.
Students in the Co-op option cover all the requirements of the coursework-only M.Sc., and also complete at least two, and as many as three, four-month work terms (which may be taken consecutively with the same employer if desired) in placements the Graduate Associate Head and the Co-op Office deem to be of value in terms of experience in Computer Science at the Master's level.
The normal start of the first work term will be May following the student's admission to the coursework M.Sc. program however, students may also begin their first work term in September of January. Subsequent work terms may or may not be contiguous to the first. 

Students who do not obtain the necessary work term placements will be removed from the Co-op option.

Each work term corresponds to a zero-credit hour pass-fail course. Failure to pass one of these courses will impact the student as a deficient grade in the same way that a poor grade in any other graduate course would. For further details, including Work Term requirements, please refer to the ROASS
The Co-op Office is available to answer questions and concerns from students and employers. Students new to the Coursework Master's Degree Program are encouraged to drop by the office at E2 499 at any time to discuss the advantages of participating in the Coursework Master's Co-op Program.