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Coursework Master's Co-op Program
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The Interview Process

All interview arrangements are made by the Co-op Office.

The Co-op Office collects and records all application packages and then forwards them to employers for screening. Once the screening process has been completed, employers submit a list of the students they would like to interview and arrange an interview date. Interview lists and times are posted in the resource room as they are received. Selected students must sign up for an interview slot and are expected to arrange their interviews so as to miss as little class time as possible. Students must have permission from the Co-op Office to withdraw from an interview.

Out-of-town Employers:

All out-of-town interviews are conducted and offers of employment are received prior to the in-town application deadline. Most out-of-town employers come to the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus to interview. Others may conduct their first interview via telephone or video conferencing.

In-town Employers:

All first round in-town interviews are held on campus during a two-week period in the third month of the academic term. Most interviews are held on the 4th floor of E2. Additional rooms are reserved on the 5th floor of University Centre.

If additional interviews are required after the interview period ends, other arrangements will be made. This can include students attending interviews off campus.