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Employer Role and Benefits
Co-op Education promotes continuous learning through the integration of classroom and applied employment-based learning. It has gained recognition within the employer and academic communities as having increased educational value, providing the opportunity for students to develop discipline specific skills. 

Through Co-operative Education, employers and educators share the responsibility of preparing students for rapidly changing social, technological, and economic conditions. Co-operative Education prepares students by providing them with opportunities to learn, work, and contribute. Employers become co-educators. Co-operative Education at the Master's level is a learner centered model where the onus of responsibility is on students to direct their own learning and to make valuable contributions in the work place. The learning is guided and supported by both by the employer and the institution. While the goal is to develop high calibre, well-trained graduates ready to assume productive careers in a dynamic and demanding work market, all parties benefit from this work and learning model.

Coursework M.Sc. Co-op Work Terms must be a minimum of 16 and maximum of 52 weeks in duration with start and end dates to be determined by the employer or co-operatively by the employer and the student(s). 

Salaries are at the discretion of the employer, however should be competitive. As a guideline, the hourly wage range for Computer Science Undergraduate Co-op students is $15.00 to $24.00. The average salary for Work Term III Undergraduate Co-op students is just over $19.50 per hour. 

The Coursework M.Sc. Co-op Program will provide opportunities for employers that include: 
  • accessing graduate students that are familiar with cutting-edge work and research in numerous subfields of Computer Science. Our graduate courses are taught by professors with research interests in the course area. Students in the Coursework M.Sc. must take multiple courses in all areas of Computer Science (Theory, Fundamentals, and Applications). 
  • onboarding mature students that have been presented with many opportunities to demonstrate the ability to be effective in both group and project work.

  • building a reputation as an industry leader with close ties to the research taking place at the University of Manitoba.

  • enlarging the local pool of qualified ICT talent.

  • reducing recruiting, hiring, and training costs. Most students enrolled in the Coursework M.Sc. Co-op Program will be seeking full-time permanent employment within industry upon completion of their degree.
The provincial government continues to support Co-operative Education by offering incentive programs for employers:
These two programs can be used in conjunction with one another to substantially reduce the net amount of wages paid to Co-op students and graduates.

Please note: these programs are extremely popular with employers and occasionally funds for the Career Focus Program run out before year end. It is therefore, very important that the Employer portion of these forms be submitted to the provincial government as soon as they are received from the Co-op Office.

In addition to the above provincial programs, employers are also encouraged to review the Mitacs Accelerate Program. It can provide funding for Coursework Master's Co-op student placements: