The Coursework Master's Co-op Degree Program requires students to complete 24 credit hours (8 three credit hour courses). Most Coursework Master's Co-op students will participate in their first work term after having completed two academic terms and a minimum of four courses. For most students, this will be the summer (May to August). Once the first placements have been done in May of 2012, there may be students available for each work term (January to April, May to August, and September to December), depending upon their individual schedules.
Coursework M.Sc. Co-op students must successfully complete a minimum of two and maximum of three four-month work terms to receive Co-op designation with their degree. The work terms can be done alternately with academic terms or back-to-back.
Employers will be invited to submit work term proposals four or five months prior to each work term. The Co-op Office is available any time to discuss proposals. As mentioned above, there may be students available at various times of the year depending upon their individual circumstances.

Proposals should be submitted to the Co-op Office via the Coursework M.Sc. Work Term Proposal Web Form.

Employer Role and Benefits