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The Program
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Privacy Statement


coop.cs.umanitoba.ca does not store persistent cookies on the machines of end-users. A persistent cookie is one that is still present on the machines of end-users after the web browser has been closed. coop.cs.umanitoba.ca does use per-session cookies. These cookies are used to identify users while they are visiting coop.cs.umanitoba.ca until they leave the site. These types of cookies do not allow us to determine specifically who users are (i.e. names, addresses, email addresses, etc). At no point do these cookies enable us to gather personal information about users or to tie their usage of our site with them as individuals.

Employer and Student Information

U of M Computer Science Co-op maintains a variety of employer and student information for the sole purpose of administrating our Co-op program. This information is collected in a variety of manners including through on-line Web Forms found on coop.cs.umanitoba.ca. Computer Science Co-op does not distribute this information to any entity outside the Department of Computer Science, unless explicit permission is granted.